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Okta Certification & Mailinator

Creating a Mailinator Verified Pro account and preparing for an Okta certification test is a streamlined process designed to enhance your learning and testing experience. This blog post will guide you through obtaining a Mailinator Verified Pro account and using it to take your Okta certification test, focusing on the Okta Professional Hands-On Configuration Exam […]

Enhancing Security and Efficiency in MFA/OTP Verification with Mailinator

In the rapidly evolving digital world, the security of online transactions and communications is paramount. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and One-Time Passwords (OTP) have become critical components in protecting user data and preventing unauthorized access. However, implementing these security measures effectively requires rigorous testing. This is where a service like Mailinator, with its provisionless process of […]

Feature Update: Webhook to Slack

The plumbers have added a new pipe! One of our favorite ways users can interact with messages in Mailinator is via webhooks. This week we take a look at our newest Feature Update: Webhook to Slack. What is a webhook? If you’re not familiar, a webhook is an automated HTTP request that is triggered by […]